Went to a car boot sale this morning (or more properly a 'vide grenier'). This was a good one - only a couple of professional sellers, the rest were real people selling real stuff. Typically french, with lots of assorted bits of animal mounted onto wooden plaques, broken things, bizarre things, and things which nobody in their right mind should ever have bought in the first place, never mind try to re-sell. There was a pair of old dental pliers which I would have bought had they not made me feel slightly queazy. Other odd things, too: There were two enormous plastic containers filled with water, from which you could catch a live trout with a line and rod for lunch; someone else with exotic rabbits, curious geese, weird ducks and elaborate chickens (for show, not the pot), and someone who had dressed up clearly thinking he looked trés cool, but seemed to me something like a naff 1950's version of the policeman in the Village People, selling old records, and playing Johnny Halliday through a tannoy.

I should have taken more photographs, but to be honest I was more interested in looking at the stuff (with part of my brain on things I need for artworks). I bought a fantastic vintage leather game bag, with the beautiful patina of decades of use and handling that is unique to really old leather. Perfect for a laptop and/or sketchbooks etc, but it is probably worth a fortune on eBay so I will have to think hard.

These people (below), dressed in traditional local costume, danced traditional local dances to traditional local music - then suddenly broke off for mass in one of the tents (yup, there was a priest too, with all the necessary kit and caboodle. Hmm. That's not the correct technical term, is it?).

As for artwork, well I did the same thing last night as the night before - had an idea just before I planned to go to bed. Not a good recipe for a sound night's sleep, but hey ho. More odd materials to add to the list, too.

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