Ouch. That bloody hurt. It was only a matter of time, though. Last year I had lots of butterflies coming in on a regular basis - this year it has been wasps. I wonder what it will be next year?

I went to hire a digger today. It comes on Friday. Woohoo! Big toy (yeah, I'm excited. Wouldn't you be? I got quite handy the last time I used one to dig the trenches for the utilities. Broom-broom-broom. Woohoo again!).

I mentioned wolves in a recent post. By odd coincidence this article on wolves making a comeback in France appeared on the BBC news home page today. I think I'll be safe. I don't have a grandma now.

I have started to get spam again. What's worse, I get le spam, too. I think that is taking le piss.

Speaking of which, the baby wild rabbits have worked out how to stay safely out of the reach of the dogs, but so the dogs still know where they are. The springer is liable to burst at any moment.

I need a big space in which to temporarily install and photograph an artwork, preferably reasonably local (Hampshire, England), but I will travel for a good location. An industrial space, maybe. Does anyone have any ideas?