Little big things

The scaffolding came down today. So that's it. I'm off the roof until next year. It's a little thing, but it's also a big thing. A few odd jobs to do still - like the hole the rabbits have dug under the foundations of the barn wall. I don't begrudge them their temporary accommodation in the slightest, it is more that I don't want the wall to collapse with them inside. So - before anyone starts chanting 'Phil evicts fluffy likkle bunny rabbits' - it's for their own good. There are plenty of other places in the barn for them.

Went to the 'troc' today (a sort of cross between an indoor carboot sale, furniture showroom and antique shop). There can be some seriously good bargains, and always some seriously bad taste. Great fun.

A few moments ago I emailed an application form. Another little thing that's also a big thing. The excitement and trepidation accompanied by plopping a letter into the post box is now associated with the whoosh of apple mail. Fingers crossed.

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