I was soldering zinc sheet yesterday, something I have never done before (there have been quite a few of those on this project). Good fun, and satisfying. If I didn't do a good job the roof will leak.

Another storm started around 5.30 yesterday. I could see the clouds building above the mountains from where I was working on the roof, and great 'plops' of rain started to land as I came off the scaffold. I spent the evening listening to my iPod and scratching ideas around. Enjoying the new Black Keys CD which arrived in the post this morning (thanks, Liz). The storm was still going strong when I went to bed, and the power was out this morning.

The scratching around with ideas has led to a growing list of weird and wonderful materials and processes to experiment with.

I almost forgot; I saw a shooting star the night before last. I wondered who else saw it. It was a beautiful clear night.

I had another of those 'Dear Phil, I saw your work and was very impressed, etc., etc., etc.' emails. They don't give up, do they?

September now.

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