I have been looking into alternatives for a large canvas I want to make. Not because of the cost, I might add - I'm sure I'm not alone in that the money has to be found somehow if a particular item is needed for a work, either that or it has to wait. It's rare that a compromise will do. I wanted a 10m roll of unprimed linen at least 1.8m wide. I have been thinking about the possibilities of other characteristics. I found a promising supplier in Drury Lane called Russell and Chapple - they supply canvas and other artist's materials and theatrical supplies. They look to have materials which may suit one or two other works too. I'm going to have to make a trip to check out the options first hand, I think.

Almost finished on the roof for this year, so spent a pleasant couple of hours enjoying the sun. Sometimes I just sits. The past few days haven't been great, so it was very welcome. I almost stepped on a tiny lizard, presumably either not large enough to profit from the sun or not savvy enough to run any faster. They can get picked on by the bigger lizards, so I gathered it up to carry it to a safer spot, and it wriggled through my closed fingers and sat on my thumb for the journey. It was perfectly happy - in fact I had to persuade it to get off in the end. It's not much, but it makes me happy.

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