The Other Plinth

I am very pleased to have been selected for MorphPlinth. Born in circumstances which will strike a bracing note of familiarity in many of us, this is a physically small but brilliantly subversive exhibition concept. Another little big thing, in fact. It is exceptionally rare for me to create a work for a particular occasion, but this was one of those exceptions. The artwork, and where it is to be shown, will be revealed in due course. Follow @MorphPlinth on Twitter for the latest.

A Gerhard Richter retrospective is coming to Tate Modern in October. I will be going to this if I have to walk all the way. There is a good article in the Guardian about him here.

One of the young rabbits casually sauntered by this afternoon, peered through the door as if to see if the dog was going to come out to play, and just as casually sauntered off.

BTW, there is now an update on the french blog, le blogging.