Doh, it's dear, a ray-gun dear

No ray me so far bid too low.

I thought, naively as it turned out, that my bid would be more than enough to secure the ray gun I wanted on ebay. It went for more than three times my maximum. If the aliens come, we're buggered.

Last year, in a village nearby, I met a chap who uses old fridge doors and similar as supports for his paintings. I remember he made a point of showing me the reverse, complete with fittings to take milk and eggs.

I was 'followed' on Twitter recently by 'Art Knowledge'. Thinking it might be interesting, I followed back. They bombarded my timeline with hundreds of links - anything and everything to do with art - and it felt something like running at full speed through the art section at the library. So, whilst some may have been enlightening, there were so many that after a day or two I found myself scrolling past every one. Too much 'knowledge' can be a bad thing. I un-followed them today, and they immediately reciprocated. Given that they have over 27000 followers you would think they wouldn't have noticed, but perhaps they were deeply hurt that I, personally, lost interest - or more likely they have some sort of software to alert them. Either way, that's pathetic.

Uh. I make light of the ray gun thing, but I'm miffed. I know there are lots out there, but I spent a lot of time searching for what I wanted and had my heart set on the 'look' of it.


  1. Doh! It's dear - even with free-mail it's dear
    Ray - guns are hard to find!
    Me - I'd try again and again
    Far - you may have a long long to go.
    Sorry!!!!! N :)

  2. Uh oh, what have I started? :p


  3. Sorry that was bad, and I think is was too early as clearly I meant "you may have a long long way to go". Now it's late and probably going to be littered with even more mistakes ;)

  4. I knew what you meant - made me laugh. Not bad for a Monday morning! :)