The digger was fun. The past two days have been lovely. I was working on the roof for part of the day today, and I could feel the imminent storm brewing as the wind gathered strength. That seems to be the price to pay for good weather.

Some of the things I get to do here seem quite romantic in some ways, but not everything. With the arm lowered there was just enough room to get the digger into the barn, so I took advantage of it while I had it to break up the ground inside - 150 to 200 years of fossilised sheep poo. I started shovelling it out this afternoon. Just dirt, I suppose, but still I was seriously glad to strip off and get into the shower.

I'm going to be busy when I get back. I have been shortlisting suppliers for materials and getting other things organised. Some of the more unusual materials need further research and I suspect that more than a couple will require trial runs. Some are going to require my full commitment from the word go - the scale isn't scaleable, if you see what I mean.

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