Between times

A few days ago I mentioned the good news that the funding for a major R&D project came through. The main result, so far, is that a pile of hypotheses a mile high has started to move into reality. All those 'subject to x or y' emails and letters, budgets, provisional plans, conversations, not to mention dreams, are beginning to require action.

I'm starting to see that my work on the building is paying off. While there is still a stack of work to do, suddenly, a couple of days ago, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I get tired of it sometimes, but that glimpse has spurred me on. For now, though, I am winding down for this year; finishing jobs rather than starting new ones.

The mornings are quite cool, now. The past few days have been lovely - hot, sometimes, but every now and again a quickening breeze which smells of autumn.

This morning I was suddenly aware that I found myself in a between time. Summer has all but gone, but Autumn is not yet here. The leaves are beginning to colour, but not quite. The chestnuts are tantalisingly close to being ready to fall - but not quite. Many things are so.

Part of me will be sad to go - from the peace and quiet, and so many other things that are tiny but enormous all at once. The dog will be on a lead again. On the other hand, there is an awful lot to look forward to.

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