Wow. That was a marathon of a party. It is usually held in the field opposite the barn, but because the weather forecast was a bit iffy, it was held in the barn and garden at a neighbour's house. We congregated just after mid-day yesterday.... and I got to bed just before four in the morning today.

There was an awful lot of eating and drinking, interspersed with petanque and another game called palet (similar principle to petanque, but with cast iron discs). I'm pleased to say that I represented England well, and there was a lot of mickey taking about the english not only beating them at rugby, but now adding insult to injury by adding petanque and palet to the list.

Last year I managed to avoid having to play the guitar again, but this year there was no chance once they started banging the tables and chanting "Phee-leep, gee-tar!" Fortunately there was another chap who also played, Jean-Paul, and between the two of us we kept everyone singing. There were a couple of awkward moments when it transpired that one of JP's favourite bands is AC-DC which no-one felt like singing along to, not to mention the classic "Smock on zee what-air". JP plays really well though, and it didn't matter in the slightest that no-one (including JP and me) knew the words to many of the songs we played, everyone was perfectly happy just to sing la la la la la.

I'm definitely feeling fragile this morning, so I'm sort of relieved that it is a national holiday here today - I don't feel too guilty about not expecting to get any work done on the building. Perhaps today will be a good day to spend some time on my practice.

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