A walk in the woods

No rain. It was warm in the sun this morning, and chilly in the shadows of the trees. The woods here are magical, especially when the sun squeezes its way in to dapple the carpet of moss. I like to think that the sun giggles its way along, playing hide and seek.

 The stone structure is an old shepherd's shelter, built into the bank, just big enough to take a man and a dog. It would have had a roof of branches and turf or bracken. Often it was the job of the children looked after the sheep. It is not all that long ago - the early 20th Century - that wolves still roamed the Corr├Ęze.

This is a deer path. I love the idea that no man had a part in this.

This afternoon I made a mock-up for a work with an old tarpaulin, taking advantage of the space I have available in the building here while I can.

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