There was a storm during the night. I had to get up at 3.30 to unplug everything. I eventually drifted off to sleep listening to thunder for a lullaby.

The dog has taught herself to pick blackberries.

Anyone remember Toffee Whistles? I wonder why they died out - what could possibly go wrong.....?

The weather person here is hopeless. The forecast said 0% risk of rain, so I went to get some plasterboard. Hmmm.

The builder's merchants was closing for lunch, so I loosely stacked my stuff onto the roofrack, and pulled up in front of a huge French articulated lorry in the car park to tie everything on. Well, it's a man-thing (that, and an aversion to killing people) - you have to tie your stuff on properly, even in the rain. I was half way through, when I noticed that the lorry-driver was still sat in his cab, watching me. I suddenly felt slightly inadequate, and just hoped I looked like I knew what I was doing. I made a few more (of what I hoped were) professional-looking knots, tugged hard on the load to make sure it was secure (and very relieved I was that it didn't move), hopped in and drove off. I could feel the guy was still watching me, sensing my fear that as I turned left out of the car park everything would just slide gracefully off and plop on the floor. Phew. It didn't. Gimme that Yorkie bar, darlin'.

It was raining as the sun set.

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