Some more odds and sods

I went to the supermarket today. The novelty of a French supermarket is wearing a bit thin, to be honest, especially when it is as crowded as it was this morning. I found mint chocolate chip ice cream though, which made it worthwhile.

Not pancakes... enormous fungus.

As I walk through the grass it pings into life as scores of crickets and grasshoppers jump out of the way.

It was hot today, and it is due to get hotter. I am in for a hot and restless night.

The baby rabbit(s) are getting bolder, but I haven't seen one outside of the safety of the barn yet.

A blood-red sky this evening. It reminded me of the beach in the mornings, how much I miss it, and my studio.

I haven't seen a soul today. The people in the supermarket don't count, somehow. A crowd is an entity in itself. It isn't a person.

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