I had a profitable evening with my sketchbook yesterday. Very happy. Whether I go on to develop the ideas further is another matter, but I feel good about them. And that counts.

I realise I sometimes call it my sketchbook, at other times my notebook. It's not a sketchbook, and it's not a notebook either, really. It is more of a scribblebook. Unless I can think of a better name, perhaps I should try to remember to call it that.

I had a pleasant interlude this afternoon. My neighbour Jean-Michel and his wife and sister came by, to see progress on the building. Then JM went for his sheep and put them in my 'garden' and we all sat in the sun with a bottle of beer, surrounded by dogs and sheep (and a sheepcat), and chatted about nothing in particular. The sheepcat is JM's old cat, a dainty little grey thing. When he goes out with his sheepdog, she almost always follows to join in the fun. It is such a strange thing to see.

I also spent a bit of time flicking through a French plumbing catalogue today. It was as interesting as it soundzzzz.

It will soon be sketchbook scribblebook and music time.

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