Plan A was to go to the flea market this morning. I have picked up some great bits and pieces there in the past. Sadly today was the 'Foire Artisanale' instead - essentially an arts and crafts fair. There have been interesting things before now, but not today. Twee - eeeee. The mayor was there (different town, different mayor) along with an entourage of EU councillors, gendarmes and various other official people being very self-important. As it happens I know the mayor because he used to be the vet. When we said hello and shook hands, the self-important people looked at each other and said to themselves, I wonder who the English bloke in the t-shirt is?

I had the day off (from building work, that is), spending some quality time with my scribblebook. Some big ideas - physically, that is. Whether they are big in the other sense remains to be seen, but I'll need a big space to show them.

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