I have made a loobicle. A bit more digging next, to fill in the trenches for the pipes, then I will be back on the roof.

I want to be back in the studio. I want to be ordering materials. I want to be making things. Having slept on them, and cogitated through a couple of days, I'm seriously excited about some of the new concepts. I can't fulfil them here. I also want to look at the possibilities around very large spaces - temporary, maybe - to install and photograph the works.

The Parcel Talks has written a powerful and evocative piece Paper Cuts - KO'd by a Photograph about the sweet agony of a photograph.

I hope to make my self-promised return visit to CAC this week, to see the show properly.
 Looking up into the hawthorn tree
 Two tiny butterflies sunbathing together on the track this morning
Sunset shadow

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