I had a sudden and powerful reminder of my old dog today, which quite took the wind out of my sails. She was a lovely dog, also a springer. I can't tell you how often a complete stranger would take one look at her and break out into a big smile. The tiniest children would rush up to her and throw their arms around her neck and give her the squeeziest hugs. She must have cheered up hundreds and hundreds of people in her time.
"No, I haven't been doing anything!"

I got up early this morning to be ready in case the guy came with the digger. If he doesn't get a move on I'm going to have it all done. At least all this pickaxe wielding and wheelbarrow pushing has got to be good for my abs.

I'm going to have an evening with my favourite music and my sketchbook.

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus from FET Productions on Vimeo.

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