....as opposed to Twiggonometry, which I invented today, and is the science of trying to calculate where my dog will spring out of the trees next.

I have had an unexpected day of not doing very much. Sort of handy, partly because it has been very hot and what I had planned was very hard work, and partly because I needed a bit more of a break. So I have had a kind of little mini-holiday.

There is a big storm coming. At least that is what it feels like. The sky is turning a very odd colour. I thought I heard very distant thunder a few moments ago, but it was the Jack Russel snoring. Reduces the tension a little...

Late afternoon I went to see the trees. There are three ancient sweet chestnuts, lovely characterful things that produce small but delicious chestnuts. They seem to twist themselves out of the ground - these pictures are all of the same tree, and I tried to capture a sense of how they have turned themselves as they grew. This one in particular seems dead - until you look up and see healthy branches and vivid green leaves sprouting from the top. I love the feel of them.

Quite suddenly I noticed it has faces peeping out; not creepy at all, but mischievous, like a bunch of old-boys in a country pub.

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