It was raining today - again - so I decided to clear up some of the rubbish that has accumulated around the barn: packing, offcuts of wood, dead branches, that sort of thing, and have a bonfire. Apart from the peculiar contrast of having a very hot face and a very wet back, it is perfect weather for a fire - not much risk of setting the forest alight. Once it had started to burn steadily I went back from time to time to check everything was OK, to poke about and generally be a bloke with a bonfire. Now here's a very odd thing: there are roughly 150 sheep in the adjacent field. Normally the mum sheep are milling around, the lambs are charging about in gangs like fluffy yobs, they're eating grass, tugging leaves from trees, making sheep poo, etc. I happened to glance across at them - and every single one of them was perfectly motionless. There wasn't a sound, a twitch, a flick of an ear, they weren't even chewing like usual. And some of them were staring straight at me. I watched them for two minutes or more until I turned my attention back to the fire, and not one of them had moved a muscle. Ninja sheep. Too weird.

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