I'm sat typing this in the eerie glow of the laptop, disconnected from the outside world. There is a tremendous storm at the moment, and out here I have to pull the plug on the phone, internet, everything, because a lightning strike takes everything out.

The storm is spectacular. I stand outside for a while, watching the fireworks. I like the excitement of a storm, and the thrill of a little fear. There is some light left in the sky, and it really does seem to be boiling. I can hear the sheep in the distance, calling each other. As I look up, large, heavy drops of rain fall onto my face. A tingling contrast to the heat.

The bursts of lightning are constant now, like frenzied paparazzi, and few pauses between the crashes and rumbles. The dogs are looking worried, and looking at me as though to ask if they have reason to be worried. Rain is starting to swish.

Really close now, right above, and it sounds like cannon fire. The accompanying flashes light the room brighter than daylight for longer than seems possible. That was loud. Too much for the dogs, they bark and hide behind me.

The rain is throwing itself at the window, and bouncing on something metallic outside. The lightning seems further away, silhouetting the trees.  It knows that I know it hasn't finished. Better save battery power, and go and watch the fireworks some more.

Turns out it was enough to trip the power to my place, trek out in the rain with a torch.

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