I haven't seen another human being all day.

I am getting used to working in the heat, or a little more acclimatised anyway. Managed a couple of hours without a t-shirt early this morning, although I think I burned my back slightly. It was just so nice being on the roof in the fresh air. Without realising - until it was too late - I had already managed to burn my back quite badly in the little gap between my t-shirt and my jeans. That was sore!

Every now and again I climb down to get a cold drink or stretch my legs. The dog has learned to recognise the sound of me coming down off the scaffold, and she comes flying round to meet me at the bottom of the ladder. She always looks so pleased with herself.

It was a relief to get in the shower and wash away the heat and the dust. I'm making fair progress on the building, though.

I shall settle down with a glass of wine shortly, and try to get my head around the proposal I have to write. I want to get into my sketchbook, too.

I was just about to post this when I noticed that Natalie Dowse has posted a link to another new painting. I am intrigued to see how the series develops. The settings have a sense of the familiar about them which, combined with a sense of something other, really is quite startling. Evocative and provocative. She is an extremely skilled colourist, too (something which I envy enormously), very evident in these works.

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