I have been mulling over a few ideas, within the curious context of being resigned to not being in the studio and simultaneously taking on the challenge of not being there. If you know what I mean.

I think I broke my finger (the middle finger, at the first knuckle - or is it the last knuckle(?) - the one nearest the tip, anyway), or at least chipped the bone. Three weeks ago I bashed it on something, and it is only just starting to stop hurting quite so much. Today I twisted my ankle, badly enough to force me to stop work for a few hours. It should be OK tomorrow, I just need to be a bit more careful - sometimes I don't see another human being for days.

Anyway, I took the dogs for a post-prandial constitutional (well, a hobble) around the garden this evening, just as the sun was starting to get low. These are the results, starting with one of my favourite bits....


  1. I hope you are recovering from your injuries Phil? Lovely photographs :)

  2. Fighting fit. Wanna fight? I won't be skipping the light Fandango anytime soon, but that's not the ankle's fault - I can't dance. The finger mostly only hurts when I prod it, so, as Eric Morecambe's doctor might say: "well, don't prod it, then." Glad you like the photographs :)