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The sky was so clear last night that it seemed as though I could see every star there is. I could even make out galaxies, like soft clouds.

As I walked the dogs this morning, it suddenly dawned on me that it is over a year since I was told I had been accepted for John Moores. As someone who doesn't really consider themselves a painter, I must have pissed off a lot of people. I'm sure those whose opinions matter to me don't begrudge it though.

Also this morning I picked two delicious-looking blackberries and ate them. They were so sour I think my entire head puckered up.

I finished slating the roof. Pics here.

Yesterday, finishing late, I almost got in the car to get 'Le Big Mac' (it's called Mac-do's here for some reason). I decided to behave myself, and made this instead. Although I say so myself, I make a mean bolognese sauce.
It tasted a lot better than it looks.

Last year the Springer learnt to connect the sound of the laptop closing with me getting up to carry on with work outside, and her coming with me. She very quickly re-learnt the association, and the instant I close the mac, even if she was fast asleep, she leaps up and runs for the door, tail wagging furiously.

The sun has almost gone. I wonder if I will see the stars tonight?

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