So.... the entries here are likely to be a tad sporadic. I ought to start getting the french blog up to date - le blogging - I haven't updated that since I got back to England last October.

I brought quite a few art books with me this time. This is not something I have done in the past. I didn't bring them for reference particularly, more for an art fix. Can't manage without. I'm looking forward to getting back into my creative routine here - this is where I sit in the evening (after a hard day's work on the ruin) with music, wine, sketchbook - and I let my mind wonder. Sometimes I take it for a walk, to places I haven't been before.

Once I got into this way of working I found it extremely useful, not to say productive - so much so that I carried it on when I returned to England. The last few months saw me working in this way less and less (or rather, less intensely), mostly because I was concentrating on refining particular works. I'm an hour ahead of the UK here - I think it's about time I put some music on, poured a glass, and picked up my sketchbook....

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