It is starting, even sooner than I expected: the yearning to be back in the studio. To be honest, the weather isn't helping much. I keep getting rained off, and if I was back home I would take the opportunity to jump into the studio. I also left behind a number of unfinished works in varying stages of completion. I would have liked to have got those concluded. My state of mind is probably to do with feeling in a state of partial limbo - I haven't yet got into the swing of things here, nor come to terms with being away. I do feel very cut off here, sometimes.

I suppose that the point (the benefit or the drawback?) about keeping a regular blog is that this sort of thing would otherwise go unmentioned; just one of those things that make up a day. Likely as not, by the time I have finished writing the weather will have changed and the mood will have passed. I'll see how I feel later, or tomorrow.

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