I wonder if I may be working my way through a kind of hiatus - this 'limbo' I referred to earlier. I have been putting an awful lot of mental energy in to thinking about the process of working (if you get my drift) but not nearly enough into thinking about the work itself.

It is about 10.30 pm my time, and a short while ago I picked up my note book, just to look at what I have been scribbling over the past few days. I went further back, to sketches relating to some of the pieces I was working on before I left - and got quite excited about them suddenly (the excitement tempered only by the knowledge that I can't get my hands on them).

Stuff - daily detritus of all kinds - doesn't just get in the way sometimes, it looms large - and before we know it, it has taken over. This stuff is not just in the driving seat, we don't even know to where we are being taken.

Perhaps, to look at it from another perspective, it is nothing more than a swing of the pendulum. An emotional sine wave. All it takes is that sudden realisation, or an unexpected prompt, or the most gentle stroke into wakefulness, to reset the equilibrium. And get back on track. For you as well as me.

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