Buzzards and blue rinses

I have this odd thing, not quite a ritual, but not sure what else to call it; always, when I arrive in France (or very soon after), I see buzzards flying around. I have come to take it as a personal welcome. I have been here a week but hadn't seen a single one - until this morning, when three appeared together. I was beginning to wonder.

Popped into Meymac this morning, to go to a vide-grenier, and on the way, driving through the forest, saw a pair of black woodpeckers. Coal black, startling yellow eyes and a vivid red flash on top of the head.

Walking past the Abbey, I was delighted to see that the exhibition at the CAC, which I understood had ended the day before I arrived, had been extended to today. Maybe the buzzards had been arranging the surprise for me.

I spent a good few hours there. There was some interesting work in Femme objet, Femme sujet, and I was pleased (and, I have to say surprised) that they seemingly hadn't pulled any punches to pander to anyone who might have found some of the content - how can I put it - too much for certain sensibilities. I can imagine the English blue-rinse brigade getting quite hot and bothered at a couple of the works.

Not all of the work did much for me - I have to say that some of it was strengthened to a greater or lesser degree by being in the context of the theme. I also have to remind myself that such a show, in such a place, isn't trying to be earth-shattering. It is, nevertheless, great to have it on my doorstep - and there are many important works dotted throughout.

 The Abbey which houses the Centre d'Art Contemporain. The gallery is in a wing to the left, over five floors. The oldest part of the abbey dates from the 11th century.

 Berlinde de Bruyckere
Oda Jaune
 Anastassia Bordeau
 Anastassia Bordeau
 Anastassia Bordeau

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