Several days ago I decided to draw a face on the pad of my thumb, photograph it on webcam, and use it as my Facebook profile. I have done a different one every day since. I used felt-tip, and it is getting harder to get the marks off my thumb. Never mind, I'll probably go back to doing something normal soon.

A bit of a chilly and windswept walk along the beach this morning. Most people who read this won't know anything about the beach where I walk. It is mostly pebbled, apart from tracts of sand below the high tide mark. Large areas of the upper beach are gradually being colonised by plants and grass. Someone, on one of the flat grassed areas, has used pebbles to write a message in big bold block letters, clearly visible from the prom: 'Kerry - Marry me'. Underneath, it reads: 'Yes'. Isn't that nice?

A slight adjunct to the previous post about the Mostyn: I see that a comment on the Cos blog is "They are all the same". I don't think they are. Furthermore, I don't think the entry fee is an issue. These things DO cost money to run, and having been involved in similar things behind the scenes, I can vouch for the enormous amount of time and human resources necessary. It's true, there is an apparent increase in the frequency of paid-entry events. There'll be more, I'm sure. I'll tell you something else - the people that get picked aren't complaining.

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