That's it. I am officially overloaded. The cause is a combination of trying to do and think about too much, sleepless nights thinking about certain things, and simply running out of time. I have to come to terms with setting a few artworks to one side until I get back. That might not be such a bad thing - I don't want to force them, and looking at them fresh (or refreshed) could prove beneficial.

I had confirmation that my complaint is being considered. The reference number is numerically very low. It doesn't look as though many people complain. Like I said, I'm not holding my breath.

I have been working on a text-based piece. This is something I have been resisting - text-based work I mean - for a number of reasons, not least its lack of universality. This is different. It takes the form of a 'powerpoint' presentation, which I may convert to video and to which I may add sound. It lasts around 20 minutes. Sound will add another dimension for sure, but silence could indeed be deafening.

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