A better night's sleep. Dreams.

Something else I forgot to mention. I needed some perfect plastic spheres of a fairly particular range of sizes, and it occurred to me in a flash of inspiration that the balls from roll-on deodorants would be ideal. My daughter happened to be going shopping, and so it was that she endured the odd looks, taking the tops off various types to find what I had asked for. In the end, she said, she resorted to pretending to smell their perfumes to avoid the risk of being escorted from the premises.

Most of the containers dismantled fairly easily, but one had been assembled simply by pressing the roller into the body of the container. The only way I could get the sphere out was to squeeze the container really hard, until the roller popped out….. The mess was spectacular - the gooey contents of a roll-on deodorant go a long way under high pressure.

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