Sometimes, when I blog, I'm not sure what I am going to write about. Here goes:

The dog drank too much seawater and threw up. She is feeling a bit sorry for herself now.

I have ordered an iMac. I have a stack of things to do, some of it urgent, and sadly my little old PowerBook (the one I'm using to do this) isn't up to it. So I had to bite the bullet and dig out my Mastercard. If, or when, I can fix the Mac Pro I will hopefully be able to sell it to recoup some of the cost of its replacement.

To shuffle or not to shuffle? I usually listen to music when I am working, and in the days b.i. (before iPod) I would choose a CD that suited my mood and the work I was involved in. Often it doesn't matter, but there are times when the music has to be just so. An iPod on shuffle can really screw my concentration sometimes.

As far as I can recollect, I have never flown over mountains. Or more specifically, I have never flown low over mountains. I came across a painting by Gerhardt Richter this morning - 'Swiss Alps'. Even though the image is slightly abstract, I recognise this to be what it is from my memory of the visual experience of flying over mountains in film or tv. Film and television have enriched our lives on an unimaginable scale. We are visually accomplished. Has this affected the way in which we now perceive the world ? Have we become so accustomed to our reliance on receiving our information from visual stimuli that it has dulled our other senses? Do we assume that we know what it is like to fly over mountains?

You can't see the bite of the wind. You can't see a perfume.

I feel like writing more but that will have to do for now. I have a lot on my mind. Another day.

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