The beach was deserted again this morning, no sign of the half-dozen or so dog walkers that showed themselves yesterday. Not unusual - I can only assume these dogs only get to go out in fine weather, and I find this very sad. I admit it was hard going today - I hadn't expected the wind and rain, and I wasn't dressed for it. My direction took me head-first into it, I got cold and wet, my cheeks are still tingling and my fingers numb. Yet it is that that makes it worthwhile - those extremes that let you know that you are alive. As I walked back through the streets, I reflected that many people physically and mentally cocoon themselves, choosing some kind of a homogenised experiential adequacy. A little pain and a little passion can go a long way, but it's up to you.

I spent the whole of yesterday working on a video, only for it to become corrupted at the last moment. I'll be backing up today....! A lot of that time was spent experimenting and developing the idea (not to mention learning what I can achieve with the editing software), so fortunately it didn't take too much time to replicate the final stages last night.

The piece is a response to an incident from my childhood. I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had been struggling with a drawing - really struggling, because it was just not conveying what I was wanting to say. The content of the failed drawings (there are a few) were faked scenes - the image itself is fabricated. Still pursuing this I thought I might experiment with video. Curiously, it is difficult to know if this would have occurred to me had I not first produced 'Skin', even though I had already done so much of the work prior to this. Very broadly, the concept centres on invented principles and ideas, deception and illusion - this early recollection being the starting point. I won't be placing the film itself on the web, simply because technical considerations mean that it won't work as I intend. This is a portion of a screen grab.

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