Que sera sera

Read the instructions and check the date. I found myself rushing to get an application in yesterday evening. Earlier in the day I had realised that I had been referring to the date on my watch which was three days out (cheers, February), then, thanks to a friend, found out the deadline was the 7th, not the 10th. Duh.

The beach was deserted again this morning. Believe me I'm not complaining, just so surprised. It is beautiful out there - people are missing something special. The sea is gently breathing, the sky is blue and cloudless, and the colour of the light reminds me of those early summer mornings when the heat has already started to build in readiness for a sultry day. People talk of there being 'something in the air'. Some days feel like that - they carry excitement, anticipation, or just a little more optimism than usual.

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