The new works are going OK. I have set up a little production line with tiny pots of enamels for another work, and I'm experimenting with materials. I'm also using an electric drill to help me apply paint - different. I have been colour-correcting photographs of some completed works (why do some works photograph very badly and others exceptionally well?).

I took down the work in ARC at aspex yesterday, and I updated my CV on my website when it dawned on me that, apart from a brief spell in the summer, I have been exhibiting somewhere or other for ages, often in more than one venue at a time. That's not bad.


  1. I like your artworks very much. I am excited to see your new work. I follow you since the John Moores exhibition. You will come again to Venice ? S.

  2. Dear S. That is very kind, thank you. Yes, I would love to show in Venice again. Best wishes, Phil