My beautiful book

I watched Spitbank Fort heading out to sea this morning.

The photograph shows some of the components of another work in progress.


I got a book a couple of weeks ago: 'Vitamin 3D - New Perspectives in Sculpture and Installation'. It is not only an interesting and useful book, it is also a beautiful object in its own right. This is from the section on Ryan Gander: "Alchemy Box... is given a voice, of sorts, that imparts its contents matter-of-factly and invites us to conjure them through our mental efforts if we so wish. There is the sense, though, that their value as cultural signifiers is not dependant on their actuality. Rather than generating meaning for the benefit of comprehension, Gander is more intent on giving autonomy to significance, dissociating objects from systems of usage and placing emphasis on their back stories, whether discerned or imagined." Then later: "...physical presence does not necessarily substantiate the title's claim. Words, like objects, Gander suggests, are malleable and not necessarily coupled to truth." In some ways these extracts have a particular resonance with regard to some of my recent and current work.

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  1. Oh dear. Sorry for confusing people. Spitbank Fort, and all the others in the Solent, are firmly rooted to the sea-bed. It was a feeble joke. They never head out to sea. :)