I came down to find cat vomit on the doormat this morning. Not an ideal start to the day, tbh.

Spent too much time staring at the latest artwork last night. Consoled myself flicking through reference books looking at ugly artwork made by other artists. I didn't set out to make it to be beautiful. The fact that it disconcerts is good; it is supposed to provoke thought. Deal with it and move on, I keep telling myself.

Whilst brushing my teeth this morning, I had one of those moments where the missing link suddenly appears out of nowhere. Well, not exactly a missing piece, more a better answer to something I have been wrestling with related to a piece of work. It gave me added impetus to finalise it, and I went in to the workshops today to make some of the components.

I have been thinking about a video piece, too. This is well outside my normal range, but I would like to try. Technically it should be very simple to execute. I went to buy something connected with it - found what I was looking for straight away - and by chance it turned out to have an unexpected connection. Perhaps that bodes well.

I wish that I could resolve everything as easily.

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