Slightly embarrassed about yesterday's freudian slip. Funny though.

I'm hoping to complete another artwork today. I suppose it may seem as though they are coming thick and fast (and it will carry on that way for a while at least) but it is the final burst following a considerable amount of preparatory activity. I wish I could show more than little hints, but I don't want to reveal too much until I have some of the others finished.

Got back from Studio 22 a few moments ago - Yes! I finished the piece I was hoping to, and I am very very happy with it. It's barking. Absolutely barking.


  1. Hi Phil - having had the honour of seeing this new artwork today - I must say - it is barking - but a very good piece of work.

  2. Thank you so much Natalie - your input has been genuinely invaluable, and I'm delighted that you agree it is barking. :)