Is it finished?

I did, as planned, finish with the black stuff yesterday, and left it to dry overnight. So, today, I took away the plastic sheeting which I had put up to protect the walls and floor and 'unveiled' the work. Seeing it for the first time, without a backdrop of myriad drips. The question remains: is it finished? I think so, but I need to sleep on it.

A few other things going round my mind today.

My mum always told me that my hair would grow curly if I ate my cabbage. And crusts. What was that all about?

This afternoon the council is meeting to discuss cuts. The Art Space board responded brilliantly - to the inaccurate and misleading statement which had been published - in a positive and measured manner. We wait.

I was reminded about Little Albert a few days ago, something which I had seen a short while previously and filed away for further use, along with notes in my sketchbook. This is it:

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