To London yesterday, for art and materials. I went to Goldhawk Road to look at textiles. What an incredible place, and not expensive. I can see I will be going back. I didn't manage to find the fabric I went there for, but I came away with something else, and a few ideas.

I spent longer in Goldhawk Road than I had planned, so next came an eye-wateringly expensive taxi ride to collect my artwork from the John Moores exhibition. I bumped into one of the artists I had dined with after the PV. It was nice to see her again. It seems we both have felt something of the the anti-climax now that it is all over.

I went to see 'Newspeak: British Art Now Part II' at the Saatchi Gallery, and I thought that there was some interesting work. I have exhibited with a few of the artists. I wonder what that means? The work that left by far the greatest impression on me was Richard Wilson's 20:50. It is truly astonishing.

There is a mention of my work currently on show in ARC at aspex here, and a few more pictures.

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