I was surprised by the number of people on the normally-deserted-beach this morning, presumably there to see the eclipse. They, like me, would have been disappointed. There was just too much sea-fog. The colour of the light seemed different, though, hinting at what was concealed.

I have been reflecting on another new work, but this time I think I am going to be frustrated. The problem is scale. The piece won't be enormous, but it will be too large to pass through an ordinary door. If I can't make it so that it can be dismantled (which is what I have planned for another large piece), I will have two choices as I see it: one is not to make the piece at all. The other is to make a smaller version, and hope that I can use it to persuade someone to provide suitable working space and storage for a full size version. I am confident that I would be able to find exhibition space once it is made (I have to be, don't I?). It is hard not to envy those artists who have huge workshops.

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