I was thinking this morning that I haven't blogged a great deal lately, and I have been considering the reasons why. I am aware that much of what I write is not necessarily art related (or at least not obviously so), probably rambling, and often irrelevant. Funnily enough, that doesn't bother me too much - I have said before that this has become more of a journal or a place to note random thoughts. Many other blogs are more professional in their outlook. This is me.

I often write first thing, after I come back from walking the dog. It is such a significant part of my day, in all sorts of ways.

At this time of the year I rarely see anyone else - it is just me, the dog, the seabirds and the sea. It is a good place to reflect. Sometimes, a good time to dream.

It has been so bitterly cold lately that I have been left with little energy to think. The past few days even the pebbles on the beach have frozen together to form a solid, concrete mass.

My days have mostly been occupied with mundane things, writing, filling out forms. Freezing my head.

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