I headed to the beach early, with the hope of catching the sunrise. I have had a rotten cold since Christmas Eve, and this morning is the first where I haven't woken up feeling lousy (I watched 'Brief Encounter' from beginning to end, so proper Man 'flu, I think).

No chance of seeing the sun, though. Mist and fog put paid to that.

There was just enough light to illuminate the mist. Land, sea and sky dissolved into each other. It seemed like an earth-bound limbo, devoid of contrast - neither dark nor light, neither warm nor cold, far from dry yet not quite raining. Beautiful, yet not. I wonder if the senses become heightened when the usual cues are disturbed.

Later, as I headed home, I experienced the discomforting peculiarity of the streetlights switching themselves off, one by one, as I passed.

I'm hoping the cold has gone. I have a lot to do.

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  1. The middle photo is my leg. I took the pic with my phone, by accident, as I changed hands.