How minimal can I go?

If I haven't actually said as much, it may be evident that I am very interested in the possibilities that are given up by how much I can cut out.

Just before Christmas I was talking with a friend, JP, about mentally visualising ideas. We very briefly touched on the notion of executing a work in one's head. I have thought about this often: mentally fulfilling a work, so completely, that there could be no need to make the work manifest. The penultimate conclusion is to fill a room with ideas, for the work is conceived of and executed in that manner. In fact the ultimate is that there is no requirement for a designated space, even. Omnipresence.

I'm thinking about something else though. I have made a number of works which involve intervention, of various kinds and in varying levels, with found objects. There is a delineation between taking a found object as a work, and intervening with an object. It is the reduction of this intervention that interests me.

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