I keep beating myself up about some aspects of my work. I'm not sure if it is unhealthy, or, more positively, simply a way of appraising it. I suppose the answer to that depends on mood. Perhaps it is the only means I have to be objective about it.

Something else I have been mulling over: the purpose keeping a blog serves. I have stopped looking upon it as a strictly promotional tool, although I'm not aware of making a conscious decision to do that. I hope it still serves that function, of course, but I believe I have found it much more helpful to use it as a kind of journal. It provides a channel for me to focus my thoughts. Treating it this way has, I realise, allowed me to be much more open and to talk more candidly. It helps in all sorts of ways. Whether that makes for interesting reading or not is something else.....

I will be back in the studio in a few days, on Friday to be exact. I have a lot of catching up to do, and I know I am going to be busy. I need to get research under way, and clarify my funding proposal - both as a matter of priority.

There is also 6by4 coming up very shortly. Response to this has been really good, with some more well-known names pledging support: most recently, the artist Richard Wilson has just confirmed that he will be sending in a postcard, as well as Martin Parr, Paul Smith and Wayne Hemingway adding to the hundreds of artists who have already contributed. 

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