6by4 was incredible. We had record numbers through the door and sold a huge number of artworks. The response from the public was wonderful. I had the mixed pleasure of seeing my favourite entries flying off the wall. Because I was involved I wasn't able to buy until the Sunday, and I although I knew there was little chance of those I wanted being left, I was still hoping to buy this work by Natalie Dowse. Hardly surprisingly it was sold on the first night, but at least it went to a friend. Hey ho, maybe next time.

These are my entries (above) - studies for a new work, made from slate. I'm very pleased to say that one sold very quickly on the opening night, the next soon after the doors opened the following day. Although there were still quite a few of the 'celebrity' works left when it came to my chance to buy, I decided to stick to the advice I was giving people and select a work I liked. I chose this work by Mark Ponsford.

Just came across 6by4 on the BBC here "....one made from slate..."

Being very caught up in 6by4 for a while, I haven't had chance to make any entries on my blog. I suddenly realised that it has become an almost daily thing, quite by accident. I don't expect to write on such a regular basis, but I will see how it goes.

Weird skies
I walk along the beach from East to West. The sky was very strange this morning. In particular the far horizon, over the western end of the Isle of Wight and towards Southampton, was enveloped in a horizontal band of green-yellow haze. I assume it was industrial pollution from Southampton, but whatever it was it looked sinister.


  1. Thank you for the mention :) I like the postcard you chose. Great event and thank you for all your hard work.

  2. My pleasure! Thank you for your help too, we couldn't have done it without you :)