Took the train to London on Thursday for the Salon 2010 preview. First, though, I wanted to see the Turner Prize exhibition. I trekked across town to Spitalfields for some S&M next. This isn't a confession of a dodgy secret life, it is the name of my favourite cafe which specialises in sausage and mash. Mm-mm.

Vyner Street was packed. Not just for the opening of Salon, but also because it was 'First Thursday' and all the galleries were open with new shows. It took ages to get through the crowd to see my work*. I will have go back soon, when it is a little quieter, to see the show properly. I called in to Vegas to say hello and enjoyed the show there. I did my best to look at work in a couple of the other galleries, but the crowds finally got the better of me.

The Salon 2010 catalogue is available in PDF form here.

*I just heard the news that Salon 2010 had almost 1200 visitors during the preview evening and the first day.

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