Artwork safely delivered to Matt Roberts Arts in Vyner Street. Closed roads, foul weather and tube strikes promised a dreadful day, but happily, apart from getting wet once or twice, it wasn't a bad trip at all. Part of the plan was also to take in a few galleries, which I did. I visited Madder 139, Fred London, Vegas (which was closed, sadly), another which escapes me completely - and then across town to the Saatchi Gallery for Newspeak. The most interesting for me was Fred London, which features a solo show by Susanne Simonson. It was the one where I was happy to spend time with the work, some of which I found vaguely evocative of Natalie Dowse's painting - although, for me, not quite as sensitive and certainly not as engaging. Something in Susanne Simonson's paintings which won't come across on the internet is the contrast between the lightly and skilfully painted matt glazes which form the central subject, and the greasily heavy glossy backgrounds. This has to be intentional, but I rest unconvinced, if only because I found it a distraction. Interesting stuff, nevertheless. There is a link to the show here.

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