The Uncertainty Principle

Got back from France late last night. I'm happy to be back, but a tiny part of me wishes I was still there. I'm always sad to leave, and there are other downsides too. I invariably experience an odd and unsettling combination of emotions on my return. At least the flies have made it back in one piece, something of a relief, and something of a miracle given the fragility of the piece.

Nevertheless, I'm excited about the new work I want to produce, and need to decide where to start first. I need to spend a little time re-organising my studio before I get going, and I desperately need to create some more storage space - where no possibility exists.

I idly mused that perhaps swotting up on quantum theory may come in handy here, and, looking it up, came across something called the 'Uncertainty Principle'. I immediately thought that that could give me some useful pointers in other matters I'm wrestling with, only to discover that it seems to demonstrate that nothing is certain. Hence the name, I suppose. What's more, I still have a storage problem - and I'm still no nearer to finding an answer to those other matters.

I love the beach here, particularly in wild weather, so it was good to get there this morning in the wind and the rain. Exhilarating.

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