John Moores blog II

I am a little phased by the negativity surrounding the selection of Keith Coventry as this year's John Moores winner. Actually, it is more of a chorus of indifference, along with sideways comments about how many years he has been applying. That's a shame. Someone even called his selection 'dull'. True, there are other works that I may have picked in preference (and not just mine, either!), and certainly one or two other artists that I would have liked to see selected for the shortlist, too. But as for the reaction, I would much rather be ripped apart than met with a shoulder shrug.

By the way, I haven't yet mentioned the proper title of my painting. It is "3D painting No.1 (experiments with colour reflection)". As the name suggests, is the first of what is to be an ongoing series. No, it's not a painting in the traditional sense, and no, it is not beautiful. I can picture the expressions of some of the visitors already (wtf is that?). This series, amongst other things, is what I will be working on when I get back to England in a few days.

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