I hardly slept at all last night, so many things whirling through my mind. Not like me at all - generally I sleep like a baby - but I woke up and that was that. There were some subjects I couldn't shake off. Amongst the very many things I found myself going through - in some detail - was the making of some of the paintings I have been developing. In many ways this realm of mental imaging can be so much more intense because it is so very vivid.

I wonder if we all vision in the same fashion? Other issues and abstract thought are less clear. These are the things that truly occupy the mind.

Directly as a result of John Moores, I have become aware of the mounting excitement leading up to the start of the Liverpool Biennale. It isn't hard to see why this is such a popular event - the buzz is almost tangible. I am really pleased to be involved in this one in particular.

If you look at the 'T' on your keyboard, and cross your eyes just a little, it will say 'TRY'. Keeping your eyes crossed, if you then move down to either one of the next two rows, it's a load of rubbish. No use to anybody.

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